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About Us

Inspired by our love and passion for organic food and focusing on a healthy lifestyle, Garden Fresh Café serves only fresh ingredients and organic products. We truly believe in a better tomorrow by introducing a healthier today. Garden Fresh Café is centrally located in the heart of bustling Palm Beach, street side at Playa Linda Resort and provides the required amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins your body needs on a daily basis


Create your own lunch bowl, vegetable salad, fruit salad, fresh juice, smoothie, panini or wrap with the selected choices of fruits and vegetables you desire or what your diet requires. This "Create Your Own" system has been helpful for many people with a specific meal plan. Our signature juices, smoothies, salads, panini or wraps are the perfect choice for a quick, easy yet healthy lunch or dinner. 


Garden Fresh Café is the answer for a healthier lifestyle. Your body is your temple so eat healthy to improve your wellbeing towards a healthier you.

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